London Wonderland - digital art

Collaboration with UK based photographer Nicholas Goodden.

Whether one’s living in London or just visiting, we’ve all shot snaps of famous landmarks and views such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge and the London Eye.

In a collaboration between urban photographer Nicholas “Nico” Goodden and illustrator Cecile Vidican, famous London urban landscapes and scenes take on a brand new alternative surrealist twist.

Supersized floating tea cups in Hackney Wick, Battersea’s chimneys tangled up in wool, exposing the Gherkin's pickled heart… this is rather… London Wonderland.


What drove us to create this body of work?

I’ve always been in awe with my sister’s talent as an illustrator. Her creative mind is beautifully weird. I love drawing but it’s not really that great… so I picked up a camera as my creative outlet while at the same time witnessing my sister’s illustrations improving all the time and getting really very cool. It puts my “talent” really in perspective. I mean… I just pretty much press the shutter, that’s how it feel anyway. What Cecile does is genius and I’m really glad we could finally collaborate that way.

Nicholas Goodden


I draw, but I don’t own a camera, not even on my phone. So this joint project with Nico was a wonderful opportunity to produce a new series of drawings that I integrated into his powerful photos of London.

I wanted to create quirky and unexpected imagery that would open a new window into my brother’s amazing urban landscapes. Some of the illustrations in this series are topical, some are amusing, and others are simply beautiful and evocative. They all contribute to creating a slightly displaced and wonder-full voyage through London.

Cecile Vidican

Sea in the Sky

Pickled Heart

French Knitting at Battersea

Kew in Spring

Travels in a Tea Cup

Land of Milk and Honey

On a Magic Carpet

Reaching the Promised Land