My name is Cécile, and I’m a self-taught watercolour illustrator. I live in Princeton, New Jersey (US), where I create botanical and food illustrations.

I was born in the South West of England, grew up in France, and moved to the US to study. After graduate school, I taught French and Spanish and drew on the side. In 2016, I finally decided to give up my teaching position to start illustrating full-time. I use traditional media (watercolour, pen, colored pencils) as well as digital editing in my work. My compositions focus on the subject by placing it on a white background, keeping the space around uncluttered. The result is a modern, realistic and detailed style.

Growing up in the countryside, I was always fascinated by the beauty, diversity and complexity of the natural world. Being able to observe and replicate it through illustration is a challenge, and a way to gain insight into biodiversity and the environment. My other passion is food, which inspires many of my drawings. I have worked for editorial as well as private clients. For business inquiries, please email me at or fill in the form below. For more information on fees and agreements, please scroll down. 

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Information for prospective clients:

The following does not serve as a contract between the illustrator and the client, but simply as basic information before a project is commissioned.

1. Describing your project: 

Being as thorough as possible in the description of your project will help save time, avoid confusion and obtain a finished illustration that everyone is satisfied with. Consider my illustration style to make sure it is suitable for your project. Provide an estimate of the number / size / style of images you need, and of the schedule for the work. I may have additional questions, but a clear initial overview will increase efficiency in launching the project.

2. Negotiating the price: 

You may have found me because my illustration style stands out. It is colorful, detailed and therefore time-consuming. I research my subjects thoroughly, outline my work in pen, then work in watercolor, and finally edit and enhance my work digitally. This may explain why my fees are higher than those for stock vector art!

Presenting your budget for the project as a basis for negotiation is always helpful. The client should consider the elements that will affect the final illustration price: extent of usage rights for the illustration; market covered; additional edits beyond those included.

3. Commissioning agreement: 

The client commits to deliver the information required for the work in accordance with the agreed upon schedule before work begins. The commissioning agreement is always concluded in writing before the illustrator begins the work. I also ask for a 50% deposit before work starts.

4. Usage rights and originals: 

The client receives usage rights to the illustration(s), the extent of which is specified before the illustration is started. The artwork originals are owned by me, unless otherwise agreed upon. Illustrations cannot be published or modified (different size, ratio, colors, etc.) without my written consent. I retain the right to include the artwork in my portfolio / on my website for not-for-profit self-promotional purposes. My name must be presented alongside the work (when possible) in accordance with industry standards.