Features 2019:

- UnderPinned Magazine Showcase (June 5th, 2019)

- Edible Cleveland Summer 2019 Issue full page illustration / digital edition

Features 2018:

- Lemonayo Kickstarter Campaign: creation of 10 lemon watercolor illustrations for a recipe book

- Edible Cleveland Summer 2018 Issue full page illustration / digital edition (p 42-44)

Features 2017:

- Busy Beaver Button Co. button collection

Selected articles and interviews - 2016:

- COOPH: London Wonderland

- Creative Digest: Artist Cecile Vidican on establishing herself as a self-employed artist and illustrator

- Creative Digest: London Wonderland surrealist urban landscapes by Nico Goodden and Cecile Vidican

- Londonist: In Pictures: London Becomes A Wonderland

- Made In Shoreditch: London Wonderland by Nico Goodden and Cecile Vidican

- Creative Boom: Nicholas Goodden on street photography, moving images and the importance of social media

Gallery Shows:

- Flashbulb Art Space, Lambertville, NJ (July 2016)

- Brookwood Cafe, Hamilton, NJ (April 2017)

- Boro Bean Cafe, Hopewell, NJ (December 2017-January 2018)