Snapshots series


Pencil, pen and ink over India ink wash.

The drawings in this new series are intentionally evocative of worn vintage photographs, and may conjure memories of places or people long gone. Each image was determined in part by the indefinite edges and patchy surface of the initial India ink wash.

The subject matter also echoes this vintage feel. I chose mainly objects with a mid-century modern design, often Scandinavian in origin: the Danish cocktail chair; the Lintu enamel cup (by Finnish designer Kaj Frank); the Neptun pot (by Finnish designer Esteri Tomula); and the 1950s bakelite Smiths clock.

I like the simplicity of each object, their clean lines, textures and patterns. This is why I chose to use simple monochrome ink lines and washes, in muted greys and sepias. The Shaker ladderback chair, while different, still has that spareness I find appealing.

View the whole series here.