New two-color illustrations:

Taxonomies in analog and digital media


've been working on creating two-color illustrations with a 1960s feel. These are taxonomies on the theme "Tools of the Trade". The green and blue tool shapes were first sketched in pencil, then developed in Photoshop. The black lines and textures are analog markings added digitally to the illustration.

The draughting tools are actually some of my favorite drawing instruments: a japanese aquabrush (you fill it with water, and it has a soft flexible brush tip for watercolor painting); a Sakura Pigma Micron pen (I have many of these, in many widths and colors); an Alvin Brass Bullet pencil sharpener; a pan of Winsor and Newton watercolor; and an unidentified pink eraser.

I like to imagine the other set contains: a magic brush that erases paint by sucking it up in its spongy bristles; a multi-function brayer that creates a variety of textures when you roll it; a high-precision eye-dropper that delivers scented inks; a wireless pyrography tool; and a mysterious but visually pleasing round object.